The most important (professional) skill …

is the ability to manage yourself.

More fun, lower absenteeism, higher productivity, less staff turnover.

We often think we are pretty good at it, however as Seth Godin states in his famous blog The Worlds Worst Boss; “odds are you are doing poorly.”

  • You have to manage your time and energy. So you need to manage different dimensions at the same time!
  • You cannot learn this from reading books. You need to learn from real life situations.
  • You cannot rely on your memory. You need measuring tools for factual insights. To measure is to know.

Fortunately, ForeF can help.
ForeF mate is not:
  • Time Registration. These tools are made for control and invoicing, not for learning. Furthermore the scope is limited to time.
  • A set of courses. The focus is not to learn from external sources, but to learn from yourself.
  • A coach.

ForeF mate is:

A quantitative learning model, developed by ForeF …
Providing all the ingredients for effective self-coaching …
To optimise both time and energy ….
Focused on the situation of the learner …
With easy tools to measure and powerful dashboards …
And with ForeF experts to support and guide.

The most important professional skill is the ability to manage yourself.

Do more with more fun.

Less absenteeism, higher productivity, reduced staff turnover.

Our Journey

The trigger for ForeF was a blog by Seth Godin. This led to several books and also real life practical tools based on the mission to help professional to improve their self-management skills

Why Self-management ?
Can professional self-management lead to more fun, lower absenteeism, higher productivity, less turnover ?

The best investment
When you apply mate we promise outstanding results. 

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How business benefits from keeping books and how we can achieve similar benefits with personal accounting.

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