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A better boss.

In 2010 Seth Godin wrote an interesting blog called The Worlds Worst Boss. He argues that: “ultimately your boss is you, so you need to manage yourself. Odds are, you’re doing it poorly”.

The ability to manage yourself is key. In de words of Seth Godin: “It’s hard to think of a more essential thing to learn”. Today this is even more the case as the world has become even more demanding.

The question is how to manage yourself in a professional way ?

Professional Self-Management

Prerequisites for professional self-management are:

  • Measure (to know)
  • Continues improvement
  • Manage both Time & Energy
  • Coach yourself


At ForeF we developed a set of tools to help you with this challenging process. Please find below a 2-minute introduction.


Our work is becoming more complex. De days that we could do the same job for years is over. In these turbulent professional environments we also need to manage ourself in a professional way.

mate will help you in all phases, Plan, Do, Check and Act.

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