Most of our management tools based on a 20th century way of working. A time when factory lines required a strict focus on time because:

  1. At shift start every position had to be occupied, otherwise the speed of the production line had to be adjusted. This is also the reason why the tasks at the production line were simple. The organisation one only needed a few spare resources to fill potential gaps at the line.
  2. There was an almost direct relation between time and output. This was not only valid for factories, also agricultural productivity was directly related to time spend. Working 10% longer produced a higher output close to 10%.


In the 21st century the rules have changed. Although most of us still have a fixed start and end time, our productivity is no longer directly related to time. More than ever it is up to you to find your productivity sweet spot.

As there is no official external clock that defines your tasks, you need your own clock. Not waiting for the signal but creating you own signal. This is not easy and that is the reason why most of us are still following a ‘virtual’ factory clock.