Sometimes it is good to have an external view, for example a coach to guide us. However if you want to continuously improve yourself, you  need to be your own coach.

This is not easy. In addition to an open mind and a healthy amount of discipline, you also need tools to measure. You go faster in action mode when you see what is going well and what you have to improve. Getting a burnout often seems sudden, but it is a process of many months and even years before you enter this state. And all this time you have not taken the right action to prevent a burnout. If you want to successfully coach yourself, you have to see how you are doing over time.

This is possible. You can start today. Do not wait, all you need is the desire to continuously improve. 

Hiring an external coach is often incident based, so reactive. Coaching yourself must be proactive.

Below you will find some differences between selfcoaching and an external coach.