The Smart Score

As mate is a data driven concept, it is possible to track progress on both the productivity (time spend) and energy axes. We combined both dimensions – time and energy – into one KPI, the Smart Score.


The formula

The smart score formula is: St = Tt * Et where :

St = the smart score at a given time.

Tt = the extent to which your actual time spend corresponds to expected (budgeted) time spend in a cerntain period.

Et = the overall level of energy over a period of time.

The smart score is an indication how smart we worked in a given week. If in a certain week you only have wonderful tasks and everything is going as planned you will have a very high St score. Sometimes you have weeks like these, and you should enjoy them as most of the time there will be some disruptions. These of course will affect your smartscore.

In our experience a smart score of 5 is pretty good for an average week. Your challenge is to take the best actions to increase your score. The next week’s score shows whether your actions were successful. 


ROI : return on investment

During your mate period you will get insights that will benefit you for a longer period of time. We therefore take one year to calculate the ROI. For example, if a participant has a salary of 50,000 and your mate investment is 500, and increase of St of only 0.1% would make it break-even. However you would expect an increase of 10% or more. So the ROI is enormous! Probably by far the best investment you can do.