Small Business Accounting:

Although hardly anyone gets excited about business accounting, it is obvious that even the smallest business need some form of bookkeeping. According to Seth Godin there are four reasons why accounting is important because it leads into insight:

  1. It helps us understand our cash flows. Over time, we see how assets and expenses flow so we can see what we own and where to improve.
  2. It builds trust and knowledge. It shows who is spending what and when and why.
  3. We are getting better at predicting the future. 
  4. Ultimately, it helps to make better decisions.


Personal Accounting:

These four elements is also essential when you want to manage yourself. However, there is an important difference between a small business and you. The essence for you is not to manage cash, but to manage time and energy. The value of our personal accounting is:

  1. It helps to understand how well we invested our time and energy.
  2. We see which tasks consume an excessive amount of our personal resources. 
  3. Science shows that we are not good in estimating how much time a project or task will take. Keeping books will improve our estimating capabilities.
  4. Ultimately, understanding where our resources went will help us to make better decisions.


But .. How

The key question is how to keep books. As outlined above, nobody gets exited by keeping books. Therefore ForeF designed a simple, highly effective and fun tool. With only two digits your key data is captured. Keeping scores for a full week takes less than 5 minutes. This is not a bad investment to know exactly what went well and where to improve.